Smoking, Diabetes Can Increase Risk Of Dementia; Dementia Risk Factors You Must Know

Smoking is one heinous habit which is responsible for a number of health hazards. Similarly, diabetes is a chronic condition which can affect the quality of life of a person to a great extent. The two have been popular to increase risks of cancer and heart disease. Now, researchers have warned that the two can clog the region of brain which is crucial to memory and increase risk for dementia.
Some recent findings have shown that smoking and diabetes can increase risk of calcification (calcium salt deposits) in hippocampus – a brain structure which is important for short and long-term memory storage. Any decline in the functioning of hippocampus can cause Alzheimer’s disease, which is the most common kind of dementia.
The study, which was published in journal Radiology, found out the association between cardiovascular risk factors such as smoking, diabetes, high blood pressure and hippocampal calcifications. Around 1,991 people aged 78 years participated in the study, reports IANS. Effects of calcification on cognitive function were also assessed in the study. However, the study suggests a link between the two, and does not conclusively determine if smoking and diabetes can increase risk of hippocampal calcifications.


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